Fly line

Snap Hook


For the fast fly change 25 pcs in pack

Loop Marauder Pike/Predator Line 9F


Line is floating The Pike / Predator line to choose if you are looking to cast big, bushy flies with ease. Its profile also makes casting into the wind very easy. Head 9.13m, Back taper 3.96m , Runnung line 16m

Stripping Guards


This practical finger protector helps you to prevent stripping burns and line cuts. 3 pcs per pack

Oval Tippet Rings


diameter 3.2 mm. strength 15 kg. 10 pcs in pack

Rio Slick Shooter


A super hard, slick finish oval-shaped nylon shooting line, with no memory after being stretched and an extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts

Vision Spey Floating Slide 150

99.00 50.00

41 g (631 grain) 49 ft / 15.0 m For rods 9-10 The Line is slightly used, condition like new.

Vision Ace Skagit Floating Line VSK 650 + T14 Tip

59.00 35.00

42 g (650 grain) 26 ft / 7.9 m The Line is slightly used, condition like new.

Line Speed


Top quality line cleaner and conditioner, Fills in line imperfections, Coats line with UV blocker, Contains advanced lubricants for better casting, Increases line floatation

Loon Stanley’s Ice off paste


  A non-toxic anti-freeze paste for lines and guides to help keep them from freezing, even when temperatures are dipping below 0  



A putty indicator that makes adjusting the depth and size of indicator simple. Beyond that, it is reusable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. BioStrike can be rolled in a ball with wet fingers and applied anywhere on a leader, then removed and placed back in the container.

Tippet Rings


Strenght 6 kg 10 pcs in pack

Rolling Swivel with Snap


Size 14/ 4 kg 10 pcs in pack

Rolling Swivel


1o pcs in pack

Rio Braided Loops


A quick and easy way to put a loop on the end of a fly line 4 pcs in pack

Loop Synchro Tactical Salmon


The Tactical Salmon’s taper dimensions are optimised for both overhead and modern speycasting techniques and feature an integrated head and running line configuration.

Cortland Precision Trout WF7S

65.00 40.00

Stillwater sinking line